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Nairobi Kenya Stake Divided

Sunday 20 March The Existing Nairobi Stake was Divided into the Newly Formed Nairobi Stake and Nairobi East Stake.

The first stake in Nairobi, Kenya was formed in 2001. The existing Nairobi Stake was divided into the newly formed Nairobi East Stake and the Nairobi West Stake.

George Munene was sustained as the new stake president of the newly formed Nairobi West Stake. His councilors are Prince Omondi and Darius Mobe.

President Munene said,"I am excited to see the Stake split. I am grateful to be given this opportunity to serve and see the growth of the church in this area." "My counselors and I will learn to love the Lord even more as we serve the people of this stake."  " My life is a testimony of the gospel, I would not be standing here if it wasn’t for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and this will just make my family stronger in the gospel."  " When asked how it will affect the families in the stake he said, "The gospel will now reach the families more fully."  He noted that those who were called today, “are just ordinary men whom the Lord will strengthen as they serve in their new capacities. The splitting of the stake is an indication of the growth not only in numbers but also in spiritual strength of the members."  He thanked his family especially his wife for the support they always provide to him.

Jadmaire Ndivo will remain the stake president in the new Nairobi East Stake. His counselors are Gordon Ondiek and newly called, Edward Ombaka. President Ndivo, when asked how he felt about the division of the stake said, “this is a milestone in the church."  "It took 15 years of hard work, and finally has happened today." "We thank those members who have worked so hard, it is a blessing that we are enjoying."

Some boundary adjustments were made in several of the wards to facilitate the stake division. The Mombasa Highway divides the two stakes. The Nairobi West Stake will include Mountain View Ward, Riuta Ward, Upper Hill Ward, Ongata Rongai Ward, Athi River Ward, Langata Branch, and Kitengela Branch. The Nairobi East Stake will include the Zimmerman Ward, Luck Summer Ward, Kayole 1st and 2nd Wards, Nairobi 1st and 2nd Wards and the South B Ward.

Members are very excited about the growth of the Church in Kenya to necessitate this division. Stake Relief Society President Elizabeth Masibo said, “I have a feeling of being overwhelmed." "It is like a mother as her family is grown and leaves, you miss them, you watch them grow and manage." "Today is history making."  "New borders in a stake doesn’t mean we still can’t be friends."

 A Young Single Adult in the church, Stella Alumande, said, “I feel wonderful about it."  "Kenya has been a pioneer for the Church in Africa."  "Now we have two stakes." "There is strength here."  "The new leaders called today are some of our first missionaries sent from Kenya to serve missions, and now they are our new leaders." " What a blessing."

 Over 950 members of the church attended this weekends meetings. Members came away with new understanding of gospel principles and knowledge that the church is growing and thriving in the Nairobi area.

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