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Member of Parliament Visits Nairobi Service Center

Recently the Honorable Elijah Memusi Kanchory visited the Service Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Upper Hill Nairobi, Kenya.  The Honorable Kanchory is a member of parliament for Kajiado Central area in Kenya. The Public Affairs department of the Church played host as Mr. Kanchory was taken on a tour of the facilities.  He payed a visit to Gary C. Hicken, the President of the Kenya Nairobi Mission, where the missionary program of the church was discussed.  President Hicken explained how young men and women of the church volunteer to spend between 18 and 24 months of their lives teaching the people of Kenya about the teachings of Jesus Christ.  They come without pay and interrupt their education and employment to help people learn about the doctrines of the Church.  Mr. Kanchory was impressed with the training that these young people receive while volunteering.

Also,Mr. Kanchory was shown the Seminary and Institute programs and the Self-Reliance Center.  He was most impressed with the program of helping our members find jobs and learn of opportunities to better themselves. 

The Humanitarian Senior Missionaries explained to Mr. Kanchory the many projects that the Church helps the people of Kenya with.  Discussed were wheelchair initiatives, vision projects, water wells and providing schools with desks and tables.  He was most interested in a project known as, the “One Acre Fund.” The fund provides education and training for farmers. They also provide seeds and help the village farmers plant and harvest food for their families.   Mr. Kanchory said, “this will help the farmer’s utilize the fertile virgin soils in their area and provide needed food for hungry families.”  He mentioned that many of the children in his constancy only receive one meal a day and how this food project would change many lives. 

He spoke of children sitting on “stones” instead of school desks in their tiny village schools.  LDS Charities missionaries told of projects available to bring well-built desks into needy schools in the region.  The church has furnished hundreds of children with desks to study on throughout Kenya.  Helping with the education of Kenyans will build a stronger nation and help with the unemployment problem so prevalent in the country. 

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