News Release

Humanitarian Miracle Project

There have been several boreholes (wells) dug in Africa by humanitarian sources, but this one in Mombasa, Kenya was truly amazing.

The Humanitarian senior couple missionaries, Elder and Sister Jensen, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had approval to begin a borehole project in the middle of 2017. They met with the administrator of the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK) and had approval to help them with their need for water in Mombasa, Kenya.

With hydrologist report in hand the missionaries and their Kenyan helper, Kenneth, were prepared to give the rehab facility bad news—they would have to terminate the project. Kenneth spoke up and reminded them that their need for water was likened to the Children of Israel. “Moses struck a rock and water came forth. The Lord loved these people and he loves you and He will provide water.”

The missionary couple looked at each other after the lecture on faith and couldn’t deny Kenneth’s confidence and faith—they knew they had to proceed. Initially, the director of the APDK did not want to pay his share of the project for fear it would fail. They had already drilled six other wells with no success.

The hydrologist suggested they drill a larger casing and borehole than normal—he thought a 10-inch borehole with and 8-inch casing was needed to supply the amount of water requested. However, the driller contracted to drill a 12-inch borehole, but drilled instead a 16-inch borehole and at 47 meters he encountered good-tasting water. They continued to drill down to 55 meters and discovered water again, but it was too salty.


They pulled up, filling the lower borehole with concrete to the 47-meter location where good water existed. The report estimated water production would be 10-thousand liters per eight hours. With a pump installed they filled 70-thousand liters in eight hours and it continues to produce all the water they need with enough to share with the neighboring hospital.


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