News Release

The Self-reliant Wasizwa Family

“God gives us spiritual laws and we mortals do the temporal work”

David and Victoria Wasizwa value their family more than anything else. After taking classes in the Self-reliance Program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and applying the principles they learned to their household, they found a way to make themselves a solid family.


The family turned every inch of their surrounding space into a small farm. The family saves seeds and grow seedlings. The little plantlets are placed in the more fertile earth and cultivated. The children help with the endless chores that provide food for their table.




The whole family learns practical ways to take responsibility and to solve problems as well as the precious way of working together.



Both David and Victoria also use their talents working part time jobs. David with electronics and Victoria opened a little sewing shop close to their home. The children never run out of chores on their little backyard farm in Mombasa, Kenya.




“We like the feeling of providing the necessities of life for ourselves and other family members and neighbors where we can give,” said David.




He firmly believes that God gives us spiritual laws and we mortals do the temporal work as it says in D&C 29:34.


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