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We Have Good News to Share

Julius Sigei, a journalist and editor from Kenya’s Nation Media Group was invited to a Coordinating Council Public Affairs meeting.

Julius Sigei, a journalist and editor from Kenya’s Nation Media Group was invited to a Coordinating Council Public Affairs Council (CCPAC) meeting for debriefing in Nairobi at the Service Center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The topic was the Media/Interfaith Event of the introduction to the “Light the World” Christmas Initiative and introduction of local media to our source of good news: Mormon Newsroom.

The red-carpet event featured Lydia Jele, an Olympic athlete from Botswana as a keynote speaker, a track and field sprinter and also, a Latter-day Saint.

Gianfranco Vizzini, a soloist, shared his musical talents and Elder Joni L. Koch, Second Counselor in Africa Southeast Area Presidency was available to be interviewed by journalists.

Julius, in spite of a busy schedule, agreed to meet with the CCPAC where he stated that the event was short but he enjoyed every minute of it. He conveyed that before that Christmas Initiative Event he hadn’t heard of the Church. He was treated very positively and came away with keen impressions of the Church. Specifically, how members volunteer by giving service—ordinary people helping ordinary people.

Julius also commented on “power of excellence” which he described as the white-shirt dress code that men have. “It sets them apart as outstanding,” he said. This was explained as the missionary program.

Elder Lillywhite displayed on large screen, the link to Mormon Newsroom where Julius and others can view Church activities as well as our beliefs on many topics of the Church. News events such as Mormon Helping Hands, Self-Reliance, importance of families and Charity projects, which intrigued Julius.

Phillip Makau, CCPAC Opinion Leader Relations, talked about the importance of the Church’s self-reliance program that is open to all people. Catherine Mwende, Secretary of CCPAC explained how Facebook and social media helps expose the Church to the world.

Brutus Sirucha, Media Relations, stated that the Church needs a friend in the media. “The newspapers are full of bad news and we have good news to share.” Julius learned about the temple coming to Kenya and he is anxious to announce to the public that newsworthy event. He is also eager to write other stories and introduce the Church to the people of Kenya.

Julius asked, “Why don’t you have billboards and let the world know you are here with your good works and wonderful organization?”

Prince Omondi, CCPAC Priesthood Advisor and head of Church Education Program, invited Julius “to come and see for yourself how our Church meetings look and feel” at Stake Conference with a general authority, Ullises Soares, to be held on February 18, 2018.

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