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Saints in Mombasa Give Service at the Wemba Center, a Rehabilitation Center for Street Children

Saints in Mombasa Give Service in a Rehabilitation Center for Street Children

Over a hundred members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mombasa District gathered at the Wema Center to provide service 19 August 2017.

They cut up wood pallets for the kitchen stove from odd pieces in a woodpile, thoroughly cleaned the kitchen, laundered the dish towels, cut the wild grass, scrubbed the porch and walkways and generally helped tidy the facility.

Jack Oricho of the Mombasa District Public Affairs Council planned for three months the project which included coordinating with the center’s personnel, transporting volunteers, gathering tools and passing out the well-known yellow vests. The yellow vests come from the Mormon Helping Hands program directed by the priesthood leaders of the Church.

The Wema Center rehabilitates street children through holistic care, support and skill training,enabling children “a chance of a lifetime.”  The center not only teaches computer applications, sewing and tailoring but also self-reliance skills.

Also, the center  has a farm where they have chickens, cows, rabbits.  They grow crops; all of which are used to feed the children and provide meaningful life experience.

Teenage residents and non-residents are trained in designing and sewing clothing as well as marketing their products. The clothing they make at the center is used for the young orphaned children.

Many happy friendships are made through the on-going volunteer program designed to help reflect the desire to follow Jesus Christ's example of serving others.


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