News Release

New Building Dedicated in Eldoret, Kenya

Many civic and government leaders enjoyed a guided tour of the newly constructed meetinghouse.

Sunday culminated a wonderful weekend for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Eldoret, Kenya.  Gary C. Hicken, President of the Kenya Nairobi Mission of the Church, presided at the conference of the Eldoret District (diocese).  President Dominic Kogo, District President, conducted the conference, which was attended by over 350 members.  Many members came by bus and taxi to celebrate the dedication of the new building which has been under construction for over 14 months and is now ready for occupancy.

Members from the 7 congregations which make up the Eldoret District of the Church participated in the historic conference.  Themes addressed included temple worship, family, love and being men and women of God.  Speakers were from the District Presidency, as well as President and Sister Hicken.  A mixed choir added musical numbers that enhanced the spirit of the meeting.  Many members commented about how happy they were to have such a beautiful building in which to worship the Lord.

The history of the Eldoret District began some 21 years ago.  A member from the Kitale area was introduced to the Book of Mormon and spread the news to the town of Eldoret.  In 1995, a group of 27 members first met to form the Eldoret Branch, which was then a part of the Kampala Uganda Mission.  8 members in attendance at today’s meeting were also in that original group!  The Eldoret District is now some 1800 members strong and working to increase membership by being a “missionary center of growth” in Kenya.

A historic dedication of the new building was held after the District Conference.  President Kogo conducted the meeting and told a brief history of the Church in this area of Kenya.  He told of the sacrifices made to have such a beautiful building and how it was made possible by the tithe payers of the various branches in Eldoret, and also the faithful members in the world-wide church who have contributed their tithes. The “windows of heaven” have truly been opened by the tithes and offerings of these faithful members.    

There have been 3 buildings dedicated in the last 3 years in Kenya and Tanzania.  President Hicken has had the opportunity of dedicating all 3 of these buildings.  He mentioned that it should tell the Kenyan members how much the Lord loves and knows them.  He reiterated the blessings that can come to Latter-day Saints by paying a full tithe. This new building is evidence of that. In the dedicatory prayer, he blessed the new building to be a “missionary teaching tool for all the area."  He mentioned in his prayer the importance of the family history room that would add a dimension of genealogical work that had not been seen before.  He said that this building would make it possible “for many of His children to come unto Christ”.  He mentioned that many members who had gone before had sacrificed much to make this possible. A strong spirit of gratitude was felt by all attendees, as they rejoiced in having this wonderful building in which to worship the Lord.

Prior to the building dedication, an Open House was held for the community to visit the newly constructed chapel and class rooms.  Many civic and government leaders walked through on a guided tour, hosted by members of the district.  President Kogo held a news conference of local TV and newspapers and answered many questions about Church doctrine.  Many inaccuracies about the Church were addressed and correct doctrines were taught by President Kogo. A lunch was hosted after the Open House for the press and civic guests. It was a wonderful weekend for the dedicated members of the Church in Eldoret District.

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