News Release

Media Interviews Local Stake President and Public Affairs

The Daily Nation, in preparation for an article in their Sunday edition announcing the coming of President Russell M. Nelson during his world tour, interviewed Public Affairs and President George Munene.

Daily Nation reporter, Leopold Obi and his Photographer, showed up at Upperhill Chapel, the Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Nairobi, Kenya. They wanted, to find out exactly who these people are and why the excitment over Russell M. Nelson coming to Kenya.


"Why do they call themselves Christ’s Church of the Latter-day? There must be a predicted catastrophe. There must be a reason why your Church doesn’t have billboards and broadcast on TV and radio, letting people know who you are.”

Efficiently, Jepkemei answered, “No, it’s more like modern day as opposed to the Church of Jesus Christ of early days. However we are admonished to keep a stock of food on our shelves in case of disasters and to make ourselves self-reliant, which we teach.”

Responses came freely from Kenya’s Coordinating Council of Public Affairs Director, Sister Evelyn Jepkemei, being led by the holy spirit, recited the steps to her conversion and explained how her family, eventually accepted her beliefs. Her sister, a minister in another faith, frequently asks Evelyn to come speak to her congregation.

“What are the differences of your religion and other Christian Churches?” asked journalist Obi.

Calmly, Jepkemei listed the variances and beliefs—prophets on the earth today, open canon, though we believe the bible to be a word of God. Revelation didn’t stop there, we use additional scriptures, she said as she picked up the triple combination of the Bible, The Book of Mormon and The Doctrine and Covenants.

Families can be together forever, and priesthood for every worthy male, revelation to anyone who prays with a sincere heart, with real intent to know the truth, Jepkemei continued.


Stake President George Munene, arrived from his job and took part in the interview—explaining how the lay priesthood works in the Church—sacrificing time and talents for building of the Kingdom of God, Christ’s Church. "Many accomplished people in many lines of employment give freely with this element of sacrifice, in turn for blessings of our Heavenly Father.”

“What is this temple, you talk about? Will everyone gather to worship there?” Asked Obi. "It will be open to the public at the beginning, with an Open House, and then the temple will only be open to worthy members, for sacred worship, to make greater covenants and to help our ancestors to accept Christ’s ordnances, such as baptism by proxy.”


“Is this about ancestral worship?”

“We believe ancestors have an equal right to receive Christ,” explained President Munene. “Ordinary people are called to do extraordinary things. The best place to learn about the Gospel is in the home. We are a family centered faith. Parents are taught how to be role models to their children, trying to live as an example--to imbed principles in children to do the things that are required of them."

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