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Married Couples Annual Dinner Dance

The Upperhill Chapel was the venue for a catered dinner and live music for dancing, Saturday night, May 26, 2018. Married couples from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other invited guests, gathered for the enjoyable event.

Saturday night, May 26, 2018 was an unforgettable evening for married couples in the Nairobi West Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Upperhill Chapel was the venue for a catered dinner and live music for dancing sponcered by the Church Educational System (CES) group.

A guided discussion followed dinner led by Counselor to President of the West Stake, Prince Omondi, and his wife, Linda, with the subject being “Unrighteous Dominion.” Over 60 attended, both members and those of other faiths. 


“The dinner was well thought of and it was a great opportunity to spend time with our spouses away from home, to have fun and enjoy the meal without much hustle,” said attendee, Sister Pamela Ondigo. “The meal was out-sourced by a caterer who calculated the food well and served a great cuisine. Everyone had much fun with the dance.”

Dr. Some, a professor of United States International University Africa, attended and loved the event and danced throughout the evening with his wife. He commented that it was a great way to strengthen relationships and said he was impressed with the points of discussion and gave him thoughts to ponder.

The discussion included issues such as, women often feel inadequate because of lack of respect. Their shelves are filled with food and yet they can be starved for affection and recognition. Each attendee was asked to give themselves a mark for each question—to see if he or she could be on the borderline of unrighteous dominion. The 12 questions reviewed began with: Do I criticize family members more than I compliment them?  Other questions are listed in the article, Unrighteous Dominion by Elder H. Burke Peterson.

Omondi, also spends many hours in his calling as Director of CES. He said with a big smile, he attended the dinner dance to preach repentance and that he does not dance. But many witnessed he and his wife enjoying the music which pervaded the room and he and Linda had much fun. Omondi feels very strongly that families are strengthened as they spend time together. Other upcoming events include The Greatest Variety Show, July 7th for the whole family.


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