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Lord if I Would Follow Thee

Nairobi Kenya West Stake Conference with General Authority Seventy, Elder Soares

A two-day conference was held at Upperhill meetinghouse on February 17-18, 2018 with Visiting General Authority Seventy, Elder Ullises Soares, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, presiding. Elder Soares addressed an adult session and priesthood session on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning, a general session for all visitors, and especially for families. Soares’ discourse included subjects such as, the Lord provides his ways for us especially in difficult and challenging times.  


Both Elder Soares and his wife, Sister Rosana Soares, discussed the on-going war. The evil one’s plan to destroy marriages and families. “He would put into our hearts the worldly message—that our differences in marriage should have us divorce. But we should evoke the Lord into our lives and allow differences to become our strengths.”


Sunday’s General Session included a humble story from President Omondi of the Nairobi West Stake Presidency. He had slept on a mat on the floor for 12 years and then enjoyed a bed as he served as a missionary, only to return to the hard mat on the floor and the death of his mother. He felt deserted but took up the business of being a shoemaker and forgot his troubles and began serving again those around him.


Three young returned missionaries, Sister Michelle Ngui, Brother Mark Odhiambo, Sister Laura Lalampaa addressed the congregation with pertinent subjects—the importance of keeping the Sabbath holy, a New Year’s resolution to live like the Savior, and the strength of daily reading the Book of Mormon, respectively. The Stake Choir added their voices in singing hymns—one a special hymn in Swahili.

Elder Van Reenen talked about devine laws that govern our universe and God’s laws that should govern our lives. And he concluded with advice for parents—teach children to live and be guided by those laws—do not let them do as they please.


Elder Soares announced that our prophet, President Nelson is coming to Nairobi in September, the place of the announced temple to be built, but today he sends his greetings and imparts three things--1.To become temple worthy and ready for the temple. 2. Those who have stepped off the path—please come back and partake of the fruit of the gospel and 3. Do your part to help with the work—all people deserve to know of Christ’s gospel.

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