News Release

Life-Changing Temple Trip

A group of members from the Riruta Ward of the Nairobi, Kenya Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently made a trip to the Johannesburg Temple in South Africa.  It has been the goal of Bishop Victor Ochieng to send 40 of his members to the temple in 2016.  He said, “I am very happy that our first group of 8 have made it to the temple."   The bishop’s plan is to send 2 more groups to the temple before August of this year.  Bishop Ochieng has over 500 members in his congregation and is the ecclesiastical leader of one of the oldest congregations in Nairobi.  Members of the Church meet each week to partake of the sacrament and hear words of encouragement from other members of their congregation.

This recent temple trip to Johannesburg has been a dream come true for these faithful members.  One sister said, “The temple is the closest we can get to the Lord while we are on the earth."  There were many tears shed as one couple took their children with them to be 'sealed' for all eternity.  The Church believes that families are eternal, and with the blessings that occur in the temple we can be together as a family in the eternities.  Another sister said, “I am still speechless because I felt the spirit of the Lord so strongly.”

The Church believes that the family is ordained of God and that marriage between a man and a women is essential to His eternal plan.  The 40 members that are working to attend the temple in Johannesburg are sacrificing much to be able to make the trip.  Bishop Ochieng is helping each member prepare for this life-changing event.  One of the members who recently made this trip commented, “It inspired me to have more faith in Jesus Christ and to feel his Spirit in the temple.”   Latter-day Saints believe that temples are a place where they can make covenants and promises that will make them better people and help them prepare to return to God’s presence someday.

Members of the Riurta Ward in Kenya are wonderful examples of Church members who have a goal of temple attendance in mind and are willing to sacrifice much in order to attend the “House of the Lord."

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