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Church Employees take part in Community Clean up

Friday mornings at the Nairobi service center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, would be business as usual. Most employees report to work before 8am and go about their duties, but this particular one was different. The employees arrived early as usual all happy and excited to take part in their first community clean up as a group that was organized by Upperhill District Association.


This quarterly event is aimed at ensuring a clean and litter-free community. The Association started this initiative in Jan 2017 after continued efforts to work with the city council in ensuring environmental awareness to all residents and business owners in upperhill community.

Eight organizations based in upperhill including the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints came out to participate with a turnout of about 100 individuals. They cleaned a section of upperhill area starting from Upperhill close to the end of upperhill road. Heaps of litter were collected and left on the side of the road for the city council to pick it up and dispose to the appropriate site. The Church provided drinking water to all participants in the event.

In addition to providing environmental awareness, this event provided an opportunity for participants to get to interact and get know one another. The organizations involved included Citi Bank, Kasneb, CIC, Old Mutual, NTSA, among others.

The association is planning to hold periodic cleanup activities every quarter of the year. All participants enjoyed the event and ended up having a greater appreciation for a clean environment. It also brought about a change of behavior in regards to proper management of garbage among the participants.        

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