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Kenya Public Affairs Work in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

National Public Affairs Council training meeting was held in Nairobi

An all-day National Public Affairs Council training meeting was held in Nairobi on Sat. Nov. 4, for those who hold specific talents and abilities to befriend community leaders to rid misconceptions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In Saturday’s meeting, Evelyn Jepkemei, director of Kenya Public Affairs Council reiterated the spiritual nature of public affairs work—a work dependent on guidance of the Holy Spirit to conduct activities with the professional and secular world—different than the service rendered by other Church members.


Church history is replete with examples of individuals not of our faith, who have courageously represented and even defended the Church. These influential individuals, also known as opinion leaders, have spoken in behalf of the Church, sometimes taking unpopular positions, a testimony to their integrity.

The inspired system of Church councils also applies to public affairs. Those called to public affairs invest their time and effort to build relationships of trust with opinion leaders to allow them to see beyond stereotypes and gain a true understanding of Mormonism. Mormon Helping Hands, Mormon Newsroom and Facebook are avenues to spread the word about various activities the church is involved in.

Sister Jepkemei recapped an incident of our missionaries not allowed visas. Some were being sent home, others blocked from arriving. Taking the initiative, she approached an influential woman she had met previously at an event in India. Jepkemei listened to the government official who was under the impression that these young men and women from United States were leaving their education and coming to Africa with work permits, not only taking away jobs but not finishing their education. This was not beneficial to either countries, besides they just kept coming, hundreds every year.


Jepkemei, as a member of the public affairs council, because of friendships she previously made, was able to clear up the misconception. It is important that those in the public affairs councils use their skills to befriend those who are in positions to influence the beliefs of other people who affect the Church. Appointed officials, academic institutions, prominent business people, religious leaders, and members of the media might be primary people to befriend.

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