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Hundreds Attend Kenya Nairobi Stake Conference

Hundreds of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered together at Upper Hill Chapel on Sunday March 17, 2013 to listen to their leaders give them words of encouragement, instruction, hope and love. The Stake Conference was presided over by Elder Carl B. Cook, 1st Counselor in the Africa Southeast Area Presidency. Leadership meetings were also held on Saturday, 16 March 2012.

Stake President Jadmire Ndivo opened the conference on Sunday morning by telling the members assembled, “I love you, I care about you, I understand you.” He also said, “At the moment of great alarm, know that God is there.” Elder Cook reviewed the history of the Church, focusing on the miracle of growth in Africa. In the last four decades, the total membership in Africa has grown to 359,352. There are now 21 missions, 1,058 congregations, 3 temples, with 2 new temples announced. Now is the time for the gospel to go forth in Africa.

A Young Adult Fireside (meeting) was held following the morning session, and was attended by more than 200 young men and women. Elder and Sister Cook addressed the congregation. Sister Cook reminding the youth to work for their prayers to be answered. She also said, “The Lord will fulfil his promises to us, He will answer our prayers, even if it takes 30 years sometimes. Elder Cook reminded the youth to “pay attention to little impressions, write down the spiritual help you receive, do it, act upon it, and then you will get more (help).”

A lively question and answer period followed. Much appreciated information and council was offered to the young single adults. The spirit was poured out in rich abundance at all of the conference sessions.


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