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Formula for Strengthening Families

West Stake’s Conference was more than wonderful, including a choir and eleven speakers. The theme soon developed as Strengthening Families. There was a surprise subject for the conference. You will want to see this.

West Stake’s Conference was more than wonderful, including a choir and eleven speakers. The theme soon developed as Strengthening Families.

1st Counselor Stake Presidency, Prince Omondi commented that when families are strong the stake is strong. He has such a great story and remembers his father’s words, “make your parents smile.” His mother died leaving his father to raise nine children by himself. And one day he overheard a woman ask his father, “Who do you think you are to have all of these children?”

Prince made up his mind that day, he would not be a worry to his father. And decided to work hard to help so he wouldn’t add to his father’s embarrassment. He said his father had no concern about riches and things worked out where he got his children to the university. He asked his daughter what was her favorite thing to do with him. She said, “when we make chapati together.”

Brother Jeremiah Machio talked about establishing houses of faith and order. Where charity, kindness and learning about a Celestial life takes place.

 Darrell Mukunsi, 2nd counselor, spoke about being a father—a divine calling, and how important it is to see our children not as they are but as they may become, and how God sees them. We can’t always control how others act but we can control how we respond to them. Children need to hear they are loved and appreciated.

Young Sister Faith Atieno from Mountain View Ward reminded everyone of their duty and responsibility to serve your family in small and simple things.

Darrell Mukuusi from Kitengela likened children today to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon—that they should obey as Mosiah did, and that will result in a happy home.

Thomas Matwale also from Kitengela Branch reminded us there is no manual for fatherhood, yet a father’s responsibility is to work at excelling, and the difference between good and great is the attention to details.

Evelyn Mutuku from the Athi River Ward humorously talked about finding her tall Catholic husband. She thought he was the kindest person she had ever met but she was determined to marry in her faith. One day she was very sick, and her sister was not at home and she wanted a cup of porridge—there was no one to take care of her. The phone rang—it was her kind Catholic friend. He asked her how she was doing, then invited her to come to his place for some porridge. She walked to his house and he made her a cup of porridge. It did not stay down. And to her horror, he scooped the wasted porridge with his hands and cleaned the floor. And then handed her another cup of porridge. She thought this was the kindest thing a man could ever do. She introduced the missionaries to him so that she could marry him!

Sister and Patriarch Mutunga of West Stake bore their testimonies and said we are never released from our callings of fatherhood and motherhood and married-hood. We must be kind to each other.

Sister and President Msane, aware of the lack of time bore their testimonies- If we go home and practice all we’ve heard, we will be on the right track. And Father in Heaven intends us to be happy, so he prepared a plan for our happiness—it is the gospel.

Stake President Munene concluded that if we fail to listen to servants of the Lord we are disobeying our Heavenly Father. We are greatly rewarded when we adhere to His word and we feel power of the Lord walking beside us. We need to keep the family together—being the one to teach and strengthen family members.

He mentioned that President Nelson said it was easy to build a temple—easier than to build a temple-going people. His concluding statement was, if you are responsible parents you will have no more boarding school—taking your children from the home, a place of refuge. Think about sending them to day schools where you can talk to them before school and after school.  President Munene’s closing words-- “What defines us is our actions and our words.” To hear a sample of what he said, link on the following video:


Though the meeting ran over time, many expressed how they loved the messages so much they didn’t want conference to end.

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