News Release

Elder Joseph W. Sitati of the Southeast Area presidency counsels with leaders and members during the stake conference of the Nairobi Kenya East Stake.

“Love will conquer the day...let’s make sure they know we love them” Elder Joseph W. Sitati

On March 16,2019, leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered in Buruburu Stake center to be instructed by Elder Joseph W. Sitati of the Area Presidency. They were delighted to find that Elder Sitati taught them in the Savior’s way, requesting that the attendees counsel together to answer questions previously provided by members of the ward councils in the Stake.


In response to a question about motivating ministers, Sister Elizabeth Masibo, the Stake Relief Society President, offered “When we meet them and talk about everyday life we find a common bond with them” and President Jackson Mutie, Branch President of the Mlolongo Branch stated: “What motivates others is when they feel that someone loves them.” Elder Sitati added, “Love will conquer the day...let’s make sure they know we love them.”


Elder Sitati then quoted John 17: 18-19, his favorite scripture regarding example. He explained that to be “sanctified” means to emulate the word of God and encouraged leaders to sanctify themselves before they delegate. He stated, “Every assignment we make as leaders needs to be made face to face. We do not assign by a text message. The opposition is relentless...if he has not hit you, …wait!


In the adult session of conference that evening, the discussion revolved around teaching children of all ages. Parents attending suggested participation in ‘holy habits’ when boarding school children are at home. Regarding college age youth, 3 suggestions were offered; that parents should teach them about different religions so they can discern between truth and error, help them develop time management skills for both school and church assignments and teach them to know WHO they are, no matter WHERE they are.


Elder Sitati cited the examples of Joseph, Meshach, Shadrach, Abednego, Joseph Smith, Nephi and David who slew Goliath then offered this observation: “We don’t have a shortage of models in the scriptures, of youth who have stood up in the face of opposition.”

On Sunday March 17th 2019, Jadmaire N. Ndivo, President of Nairobi Kenya East Stake conducted the Sunday session of conference. He acknowledged the 177th Birthday of the Relief Society and encouraged sisters to celebrate and invite friends. In reference to the area plan, he observed, “If you don’t have very good sneakers to run a marathon, you will always blame your bare feet. We need to be part of this marathon; we need to show the prophet that we are behind him.


Sister Sitati said, “If we learn to obey the voices of parents and leaders, people who we can see, we can learn to obey the voice of God, even when it is a whisper.” Elder Sitati was joyful at the number of saints who had come for conference and complimented them with, “I rejoice in the way you have embraced the gospel, in how you understand it. Continue in that path.” Regarding the path, Elder Sitati showed a correlation among three parables. The parable of the ten virgins teaches us to prepare ourselves to minister by seeking the spirit. The parable of the talents advises us to use the gifts we have to minister while the parable of the sheep and goats causes us to ask” What is the determiner as to how we are separated? “Then he answered: “It is just this one thing - with whom did you minister?


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