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Elder Joseph Sitati issues a challenge to Chyulu District saints 

"I see great potential here for becoming a stake."

 Buses, bikes, and boda-bodas brought members of the Chyulu District of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Makutano for district conference, June 8 and 9. Elder Joseph Sitati, the first counselor in the Africa Southeast Area Presidency, presided. He was accompanied by S. Ephraim Msane, Kenya Nairobi Mission President, and his wife, Nomthi Msane.

As the theme of the conference was “Remember the worth of the soul is great in the sight of the Lord” D&C 18:10, President Muia, District President, reminded the saints, “The Savior was willing to suffer that we might have joy and have life eternal. He also invites us to help with the work, we need to be persistent in our ministering.” Sister Msane observed, “Ministering is about loving. If we could understand the commandment of love, many problems of this earth would be solved.” Sister Faith Makenga added, ”Let us put our efforts toward following the prophet’s counsel, let us do this together.” President Msane reminded attendees of President Nelson’s admonition to “Begin with the end in mind. We choose every day where we want to be in eternity by how we think, feel, speak and act.” 

Elder Sitati opened the leadership session of the conference by saying “I see great potential here for becoming a stake and those who can make it happen are sitting right in this room. It is a matter of faith”.  He then encouraged members to become full tithe payers, assuring them, “It is not a burden, but a way of opening the door to receive blessings”. Initially, while paying tithing to “experiment upon the word”, Elder and Sister Sitati found they received blessings and opportunities coming from unexpected sources. “Money came for our mortgage in a way I never could have anticipated. Now, the first thing I do is pay our tithing.” They took the reference in Malachi 3 seriously, and were blessed through obedience to it:

 Malachi 3:10 “ Bring ye all the tithes into the Lord’s storehouse...and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”  

“Coming to Chyulu is like coming home,” said Elder Sitati. “The Church in Kenya started with one man in a grass structure. Meetings were held under a tree, and when it rained they went inside. Now, today we have this beautiful building and many members in this area. He implored the saints to be “like-minded” or of one mind. “Let us be less judgemental, less jealous, more encouraging, more sympathetic, more caring, more loving. Let our homes be places of safety.

 In conclusion, Elder Sitati put a time limit on his former challenge to the members:  “Go to the Nairobi Temple Open House as a stake, not a district. Do you accept that challenge?”
After the conference, sister Anastasia Myoki accepted the challenge when she committed: “I’m going out and do the work to make our district a stake.”  

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