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Elder Bednar Conferences and St. Mary's Mission Hospital visit in Nairobi, Kenya.

Elder Bednar conferences and visit to the St. Mary's Hospital along with a video of attendees.

Elder Bednar, an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints visited Nairobi, Kenya on the weekend of October 21, 2017. His group included Sister Bednar, Elder and Sister Gong, Bishop and Sister Wadell, Elder and Sister Hamilton, Elder and Sister Makasi, and Elder and Sister Koch.


Saturday a priesthood leadership conference was held in the morning with leadership from Kenya and Tanzania. During the meeting, President Bednar asked how many of the leaders were first generation members. Most raised their hands, He then asked how many were second generation. Fewer raised their hands. When the question was asked for third generation, only a few gestured. Elder Bednar told the priesthood leaders that they were truly "pioneers in Africa".

In the afternoon, the entourage traveled across town to visit the St. Mary's Mission Hospital where the LDS church has donated significant funds for critical Hospital equipment over the past 12 years, most significantly in the last year. Even though it was a non-working day for the hospital staff, they were more than willing to show the group what had been accomplished. This humanitarian project, as all other church projects, requires a 20% infusion of funds from the receiving entity. The video is an effort to show the work and equipment provided by both donator and receiver.

Sunday included two stake conferences held simultaneously with half of the general authorities going to one at the Upper Hill building, and other half to the Buruburu building.

A special young single adult meeting was held in the afternoon with all general authorities in attendance. Probably the most leadership in one stake young single adult meeting ever to be held, or to be held again in the future. Truly a spectacular event and it is all covered on this video.


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